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#18- Saucy Monky at The Kibitz Room, 7-8-09

The Saucy Monky Kibitz Room Residence rolls on!  This was our second of five consecutive Wednesday's in July that we rolled out to Hollywood and rocked the midnight crowd at everyone's favorite Weirdo Bar!  Twas great to have the lovely and talented Megan back in the fold after last weeks drumless trio experience.  Also, I'm guessing this will be a relatively short entry, considering there are going to be plenty of chances to ramble on about these residency gigs, plus I'm literally headed to the airport with Kirsten in an hour or so to fly to Oregon for two shows with my old college band Grubb Street.  

Note- I'm done writing but not quite done packing and our cab will be here in half an hour.  Priorities everyone!  Looks like another "under linked, under proofread" episode of Self Indulgence Time with Steve.  

Some Cool Recent Placements for Saucy!
Hey, in case I haven't mentioned it to y'all, the band got four tunes in the recent Indie Film "And Then Came Lola"!  I haven't seen it yet, but a couple of the girls went to Frisco for the premier and brought back excellent reviews.  Here's a trailer if you'd like to check it out.  I think the L.A. premier is on July 17th here in town if anyone is interested in seeing it for themselves.  Also, Cynthia and Annmarie have had their writing and producing hats on and got some music placed in the soap opera "Guiding Light"!   Sweet.  

Brought the Precision, Hartke Kickback Combo, and full pedalboard.  Ended up fighting my volume all night.  Too loud.  Turned down.  Too quiet.  Turned back up.  Bumped the low end on the EQ.  Too loud again.  Turned down.  That feels good.  Switch from pick to fingers.  Too boomy.  Adjust EQ.  Too quiet.  Argh.   Plus the pedal board was on the floor, just off the stage and was just a weeeee bit harder to reach with my feet, and looked all the more obvious when I bent down to make an adjustment, especially mid-song.  I really shouldn't do that.  Note to self; don't do that.  

Color 7, Solid Ground, All The Things Ya Know, Acrobat, 5 South, Ghosts, Attention, No One's Here Anymore, Flicker.  

The Band
As I mentioned, it was great to have Megan back!  Between last weeks' Saucy show and the trio stuff I did up in Canada with Amy Heffernan, it was truly a pleasure to have some professional time keeping going on.  SOOOO much easier, I must admit.   We were pretty good, particularly considering we hadn't rehearsed or played together with all four of us for a couple weeks.  Pretty good isn't great though, there is definitely room for improvement.  I think this residency thing is gonna be great for the band, really pull us together by the end of July.  Watch out August, here we come!  

Some Specific Moments
1- Two new songs this week, 5 South and Ghosts.  Well, relatively new anyway.  We've played them live before, but only a couple times.  Had a moment in 5 South where the arrangement adjustments we made last time weren't clear and we sorta motored through a break section.  Still worked, but it'll get tighter.  I'm a big fan of both tunes, anxious to get them recorded!   Ghosts is particularly fun to lock in doubling the main riff with Cynthia, always feels great when we're together and we were pretty solid last night.  Wurlitzer break in that song is rad too, check it out next time you're at a show.  

2- Flicker is getting this jazzy treatment lately and we were really grooving it last time we were all together.  Unfortunately, I couldn't quite get my moody jazz hat to fit last night.  Ended up being a bit too tentative.  I think the band carried it through just fine, but I should play that song with a little more conviction.  Next week!  Also, I've got a cool foam mute that I slip under the bridge on occasion to get that motowny, no-sustain bass tone.  Works like a charm on this song, I'm gonna try it on the 15th.  

3- Nothing else comes to mind.  I'm kinda tired.  Let's leave this list at two and move along.  Nothing to see here.  

Dudes with Weird Names
Gotta love the Kibitz.  Last week I met a guy named "Warlock".  This week I was approached by "Marty Vegas".  For real.  Nice enough chaps, but I gotta say I'm curious who I'll be introduced to next time.  Go to the Kibitz Room some time, seriously, you won't regret it.  

The Grade
I was kinda tired.  Played okay, but a little uninspired.  Fought with the volume.  Fought with the EQ.  I think I was a little too happy to have a smokin' drummer around and was kinda lazy with my time, let Megan do most of the work.  No bad notes to speak of, played the songs accurately.  Had a few nice little runs that elicited some compliments after the show.  But I know the truth.  I wasn't really on my game.  If there were some clams or train wrecks It'd be a C.  But...but...I didn't play noticeably bad.  Just didn't feel good about some of the intangible elements.  I'm giving myself the benefit of the doubt and saying B-.    NEXT WEEK WILL BE BETTER!  

Some Random Links to Stuff I've Done That You Probably Haven't Seen.
1- The Cherry Bluestorms at Skinny's - A few of you may recall that I played with Glen, Deborah and Kellii at the club Skinny's recently.  And I wrote about the challenges of one particular groovy tune called "Bad Penny Opera".  Anyway, a friend of the band videotaped us that night and put a link up on youtube, so feel free to check it out here and see just how off base (bass?) my internal dialogue may or may not have been on that particular evening.  I was pretty rough on myself but my performance actually sounds reasonable to me upon further review.   We'll be playing at The Knitting Factory on August 8th at 11pm for the IPO festival if you're interested in catching a show in person, you should, fun band, you'd dig it.   

2- Dream Life Misery - The band currently known as Flannel High hasn't always been a 90's cover band, we used to be an original rock act called Dream Life Misery.  So several years back a friend of the band named Cooper Johnson shot a music video for our song "Show Me the Way" at our rehearsal studio downtown.  We never got a copy till the band was essentially defunct, but it's up on Youtube now, you can give it a look/listen here if you're so inclinced.  Very dark and moody I must say!  How bout that Five string!  How bout them sideburns I'm sporting!  By the way, Flannel High has a show next Friday night July 17th at Trip in Santa Monica, come join us for some 90's grungeness.  

Next Up
As I mentioned, we're about to leave for Oregon as I type this!  Grubb Street will rock The Cooler in Eugene on Friday and The Dublin Pub in Portland/Beaverton on Saturday.  Really looking forward to seeing lots of friends and family that I haven't seen in ages, these reunion shows have turned into an annual thing and I hope we keep at it for many years to come.  I even think I can play most of the thirty songs but I've still got some listening to do on the flight! 

Thanks as always for your comments and just for reading along.  I'm still having fun with this!



Nice one Steve.

Thanks Steve. Great read as always. Megan is awesome, and so are YOU! All the best. Good luck in Oregon. Simon


Ye ol' Dublin Pub


Thanks for the great show last night. Your covers were so spot-on, I'm thinking of turning Japanese. Oh, and some guy asked me to dance...twice. (I'll bet you can guess who.)


Re: Ye ol' Dublin Pub

Tom! Great to see you guys last night, total fun! Hit me with an email at sinjingiles@yahoo.com if you get a chance so I can get you in my address book.

Take care,